About Dalton Financial LLC

Dalton Financial LLC is an independent Charlotte, North Carolina fee-only registered investment advisor and financial planning firm. Robert Higgins is a fee-only investment manager and CFP® professional.

We offer client-centered wealth management services to affluent individuals who want to delegate some responsibility for managing and supervising their personal financial assets, and provide § 3(38) investment management services for company sponsored retirement plans. Our expertise, experience, innovative thinking and collaboration are what you expect from a fiduciary advisor.

We want to earn the right to be the trusted advisor. We listen carefully to understand your values and who and what matters to you. Together, we then map the path ahead.

Collaboration with our clients’ other professionals often results in a new set of priorities. At a minimum, you can expect a new sense of control and peace of mind.

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Dalton Financial LLC is a North Carolina registered investment advisor based in Charlotte, NC.  This website is provided for informational purposes and should not be construed as solicitation for securities transactions or financial advice for compensation.  Neither diversification or asset allocation can ensure a profit or protect against a loss.